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Thompson Adventure 4 part 11
On the dock was a huge pirate ship, like the ones from the 1800’s, with oak wood and white sails. Then Thompson boarded the ship and sailed to the Khusakeake Ocean. After sailing for half-hour, they confronted Annie, a 25-year-old girl with red pirate clothes and a claymore in a pouch on her belt. “I be glad ye came, Thompson.” said Annie “Yea, yea, yea. Come on...let's just get this over with. Yes?” asked Thompson. “Quick to action I see. Well we not waste another minute shall we” said Annie.
Then Annie pulled out her sword, and so did Thompson, and jump onto Thompson’s ship. After she landed, the two fighter started to sword fight like they were Jedis in Star Wars. Then Thompson got corned on the ship, so he leaped off and landed on a rowboat and Annie followed. Then they continued deuling while the two rowers were freaking out. The rowers rowed quickly to an island and abandoned the boat.
Annie and Thompson also abandoned the boat and
:iconthe2thtolastusername:The2thToLastUsername 0 0
Maplestory Class Idea: Parasite by The2thToLastUsername Maplestory Class Idea: Parasite :iconthe2thtolastusername:The2thToLastUsername 2 1 Master-bot (Omega Flowey) *Redraw* by The2thToLastUsername Master-bot (Omega Flowey) *Redraw* :iconthe2thtolastusername:The2thToLastUsername 1 3



Mysterious Onlooker (Off Style)
This is my second attempt at the OFF style.

MO: Hello there.
Batter: Who are you?
MO: I am you and you are me. But I am not you and you aren't me.
Batter: what?
MO: We are one but we are separate.
Batter: I'm confused.
MO: Let me make it simpler. He's the judge, you're the prosecutor, and we're the jury.
Batter: We?
MO: me and they, the ones who watch.
MO: However I know your nature, so do what you must for your mission.

Monster view
Have you felt the feeling that your art is bad because you look on the popular section on DA. But then you watch a critic on DA and think 'you know my art isn't that bad'.


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Bryce Warren
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I draw because I feel like it.
I only have a mouse and
It gets pretty hard to continue drawing when no one notices your work.


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